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Ancolverse is a One stop Digital Platform that provides various features in one application. Starting from Game Marketplace, Photo Booth Marketplace, 360 Explore & Digital Map, Point System, Virtual Event, PPOB, to e-Wallet, Visitor Tracking RFID.


Indoland Metaverse is a digital platform with Virtual Reality technology that allows users to interact with each other, create meeting places, play games and carry out other activities in cyberspace.


VR Box is a vehicle for playing VR that can be used for single player, multiplayer and tournament games. Users must make payments online to be able to activate and play vr. Transactions and VR status are recorded and displayed on Admin and
Merchant Monitoring Dashboard.

Single Player

Multiple Player ( 3 Seat )

360 Wisata Indonesia

360 Wisata Indonesia displays and introduces Indonesian tourism through mix reality technology that combines websites, mobile apps and virtual reality apps. Users can see the state of tourist attractions as if they were in their place directly and can view interactive information both in text and audio or through a 360 degree video display.

Virtual Expo

Virtual Expo is made up of 6 B2B marketplaces where buyers and suppliers from around the world meet. We give businesses and buyers of all sizes access to a million specific products in one place. We continue to attract millions of online buyers, manufacturers, and distributors.

Manasik Umrah & Haji Virtual

Prospective haj and umrah pilgrims can feel the sensation of being in the holy land of Mecca before they leave to perform the actual Hajj or umrah by using interactive virtual reality technology, guides in mobile web format for haj and umrah pilgrims as well as interactive 360 websites for travel companies.

Yamaha Training & LMS

Technology has had a huge impact in today’s corporate world, and we are still in the infant stages of development. Moving your corporate training into the online space and using VR to enhance the programs will move industries on to the next level.

Motobike Custom & Modification

Motor modification competitions can now be presented with new experiences using virtual reality technology. There will be many choices of spare parts that can be selected by the user and bring up many new creative possibilities.

Burger Simulator

In culinary education, obstacles are often encountered in carrying out the practice, such as the high price of raw materials and the need to rent a hotel. Now with virtual reality technology, catering classes can be done anywhere and anytime at a more affordable cost.

Manasik Umrah - 3D Animation

This video shows the procedures for Umrah pilgrimage from start to finish in detail accompanied by an explanation at each stage and complete with the prayers.

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Established in 2019, PT.Abadi Berkarya Indonesia is a company that focuses on technology, especially Web & Mobile Apps Development, Games Development, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Development. With the demands of technological developments, ABI is one of the companies that is ready to present the latest solutions according to Market Trends in Digital.

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